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For those who find Sunday evenings and the anticipation of the week ahead difficult, Sunday Reset is a new therapeutic space to check-in, ground and reset your thinking for the week ahead.  ​


Hosted by Ali Xavier, Founder and Lead Therapist at Tilia Therapy, you will be guided through a reflective journey using meditation, journal prompts and breath work. 


To enable full, authentic, and safe participation, the camera’s and microphones of participants will remain off for the full session. 


Through this time we hope that you will be able to shake off any anxieties and anticipated stress of the week ahead, to start the week with a renewed and reset mind.


What you need for the session:

  • A comfortable space to participate in, where you won’t be interrupted or distracted

  • A journal and pen

Sunday Reset will be taking place on zoom, and tickets can be purchased via the link below @£25.00 (non-refundable).  


Please note that the Sunday Reset is not therapy, but a space to hold and manage your own thoughts, perhaps as an assistance alongside regular therapy. If you do not feel able to open and hold thoughts on your own, we suggest this time might not be suitable for you.