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"Tilia therapy have helped me work through a lot in such a short space of time... Ali has helped me feel like I matter by being listened to in the most genuine way. I’m starting to learn who I am and accept myself, because I’ve lost who I am since becoming a Mum. My confidence is growing slowly but surely, by learning new ways to help myself make the most of life and situations I’m in. For the first time in a while I feel like there is new hope in my life.

Client 1

"Tilia Therapy has helped me to reflect  on myself on a regular basis, by asking the right kind of questions to provoke thinking in great depth. The questions are challenging but always sensitively handled. I would highly recommend therapy with Tilia."

Client 2

'Tilia has been brilliant in helping me understand my background and challenges, and also to focus on the future by empowering me to come up with practical solutions to help myself. All this is achieved in a supportive, constructive environment and I would recommend Tilia to anyone who is seeking help and guidance in their life.."

Client 3