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Relationship counselling is the opportunity for partners who are experiencing difficulty in their relationship, to work with a therapist to bring about resolve and healing. In couple work, the relationship is the client of the therapist, where the therapist will work to help the couple lean into their relationship.


The aim of relationship work is to help the partners see relational and attachment patterns that they bring into their relationship, the complex interchange of  power struggle, and illuminate defences which, more or less helpfully, offer protection from deepest fears, impacting the way in which the relationship can be lived. Relationship counselling might involve exploring conflict, communication, support affair recovery, the management of addiction, and sex and intimacy issues. Relationship counselling is appropriate for those who are newer in their partnership and considering their long-term commitment to each other and wish to have a safe space to be able to explore this at greater depth.


Relationship therapy is for anyone who is in a monogamous, open or poly relationship, and is gender and sexual identity inclusive. Sessions take place over zoom and can be facilitated with couples from different locations if the couple are living or spending time apart from one another. Relationship counselling sessions are 60 minutes long and charged at £100.00 per hour. Ali Xavier is currently the only therapist at Tilia Therapy who is offering relationship counselling. In order to arrange an initial consultation, please complete a Relationship Counselling Referral form.

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